You Look Like A Man (YLLAM) started on Instagram (@you.look.like.a.man) as a response to combating the negativity often thrown at women in athletics.

Comments such as "Don't get too big," "Women don't need biceps," or "Lifting like that is only for men" are displayed over beautiful shots of nature to highlight the absurdity of these statements.

Within the first month, the page had over 10,000 followers and had received hundreds of submissions from women in athletics who had been subjected to these sexist and misogynistic comments.

The YLLAM logo features a sea lion and stemmed from a nasty comment left on a photograph of the creator of YLLAM during a Strongman competition where she was told she looked like a "sea cow." (Yes we know sea lions and manatees are different, but the sea cow looked like a slug, bear with us!) 

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